We always hope that our students have a good experience in our classes: We are there for YOU. To help us meet your needs even better, we have put together an anonymous feedback form that we encourage you to fill out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see a class you want to take, contact the studio and let them know right away! There are two reasons for that: First of all, many of our classes fill up as soon as word gets out. Contacting the studio right away will insure that one of the students in that class will be YOU!

The second, very important reason, is that we contract with our hosting studios to bring these classes to you. Often, a tentative class will be listed here to test the waters. If the response is good, we both sign on the dotted line. I try to have a signed contract in place 4-6 months before a class so that we know if we need to try to fill that spot with a different venue. If you wait too long, the studio owners have no idea that you're waiting in the wings, and we may jointly decide to drop the class.

Planning for the Future

We've had a lot of interesting proposals for our 2008/2009 teaching season. In fact, 2008 is nearly full, and we have some bookings for 2009 already! Several of our bookings have doubled-up, meaning we have two bookings in a month rather than our standard one. That has freed up some space in the calendar.

We have had no problem at all filling classes! In fact, in most cases our hosts have to go with a waiting list. To show confidence in our ability to fill seats, we have lowered our minimums. This is helpful for new or small studios that may have been reluctant in the past to commit. The new requirements?

* Two day minimum (instead of three)
* Ten seat minimum no matter how many days we're booked

Also, now that I'm pretty much over my fear of flying (yay!) I have made available for bookings the four wintery, icy months: November, December, January and February.

We would love to hear from both hosts (studios and clubs) and students regarding potential venues. If you have a teaching studio, and would like to bring us in for a series of workshops, please drop me an email at tink@blackswampglassworks.com.


2008 Teaching Schedule

Eugene Glass School - EUGENE, OR

April 25 - 27, 2008

This is a rare three day class, guaranteed to be filled with wonderful stuff. Blown vessels, of course, but we also have some surprises planned!

Eugene Glass School
575 Wilson Street
Eugene OR 97402

Telephone : (541) 342-2959
Fax : (541) 342-2924

email : info@eugeneglassschool.org

Glass Firenze - Eagle River, Alaska

May 24 - 26, 2008

Oh my! Alaska AND flameworking? Be still my beating heart! Three days of glassy fun in the studio of Deborah Spence. Class descriptions will be up soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and watch Deborah's website:

Glass Firenze
Lampwork Studio
Eagle River, Alaska




June 9- 13, 2008 EVERYTHING!

A whole week with Tink and John!!! Holy cow! What will we cover? You name it! We're driving, so we can bring anything and everything your little hearts desire! Here's a chance to go beyond the 10-6 class structure and DIG DEEP! I'm not even sure if registration is open yet, but I do know that folks have been contacting them to get on THE LIST. Don't wait too long, or you'll miss out on this one, for sure!
Marjorie Langston is teaching there the week before our classes, so if you REALLY want to treat yourself, sign up for BOTH weeks! Together, we can take you from zero to 60 in no time flat!

Phone: 931.372.3051 (local Cookeville/TTU extension 3051)
Phone: 615.597.6801 (local Smithville)
Fax: 615.597.6803

Appalachian Center for Craft
1560 Craft Center Drive
Smithville TN 37166


July 19 and 20, 2008

We're so happy to be visiting Traverse City for the first time! One of the nice things about venues within driving distance is that we can fill the Tinkmobile with whatever we want. If there's enough interest, we'll be bringing along the electroforming setup for a demo AND showing you something that can be done with it that you might not imagine!

For more information or to sign up for either or both classes, contact:

Rebecca Vander Sys Poinsett
Rebecca's Studio, LLC
10381-A Cherrybend Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684

phone: (231) 342-1520


Carlisle School of Glass - Millville, nj

September 13 and 14, 2008

What fun it will be to teach at Carlisle again! Last time we taught there, the glass school wasn't yet completed, and we taught on the shop floor with all the machinery running! We had a BUNCH of students who were mostly employees, most with very little flameworking experience. We had an absolute BLAST, and enjoyed the challenge!

We're in the process of deciding which classes to offer, so if you have any preferences, be sure to drop them or me a note to let us know!

Carlisle School of Glass

412 S. Wade Blvd., Bldg #7
Millville, New Jersey


Phone: (800) 922-1167   

Local Phone: (856) 825-0627

Fax: (856) 825-5510

Email:  carlisle@carlisleschoolofglassart.com


Bearden's Stained Glass & Door - Overland Park, KS

October 24. 25 and 26, 2008

We're delighted to be returning to Bearden's! We were the first ever instructors in this outstanding facility, and it's great to be coming back!

This time around, we'll be teaching Vessels I, Vessels II and either Tips and Tricks or Electroforming, depending upon demand.

Lisa Rippee, one of our STAR PUPILS, is your contact person for this class. She can be reached at lrippee@kc.rr.com . Lisa will take GREAT care of you!

Don't delay! Sign up TODAY!

Bearden's Stained Glass & Door, Inc.
7600 Metcalf Ave  Overland Park, Kansas 66204





2009 Teaching Schedule


February 2009 - Specific dates TBA

Our first class at Corning went smashingly well! So much so that they have asked us to return next February to do it all again!

During this week long session, we will have bountiful opportunities to take the class in many directions! Our focus, of course, will be on the intricacies of miniature blown glass vessels, hollow forms and the little tricks that will give your work an edge! There are a lot of people waiting for this registration to open up. Make sure you are on Corning's mailing list so you don't miss out! Once registration opens up, you can sign up by phone or email:

By phone: 607.974.6467 OR 800.732.6845
By e-mail:

The Corning Museum of Glass
One Museum Way
Corning, NY 14830


Join us in Ireland in 2009!

October 2009 - Specific dates TBA

This outstanding opportunity is already filling up, and it hasn't even been officially announced yet! Just imagine: A fabulous adventure in Dublin and on the stunning west coast of Ireland. You'll travel through the Irish countryside by train, which is an amazing experience all by itself! Several day trips are planned, with adventure a-plenty! And all of this is in addition to the workshops, described below.

For more details, please visit the Beadventures site. You won't believe how reasonably priced this is! Your non-flameworking spouse/partner can be a part of this with you at a very deep discount! How romantic would THIS be???

The instructional portion of our Ireland Beadventure will include blown soft glass vessels and pendants, micro-marbles and many other fun techniques to add to your glass repertoire. Individual problems and their solutions will be addressed, with an emphasis on heat control and the concept of process over product.

Contact Cheryl Cobern-Browne of Beadventures for more information!



If your group or teaching studio is interested in bringing us in for two or more days of workshops at an established teaching studio or venue, please contact Tink and she will be happy to send you some information. We offer the following one-day classes:

Beginning Blown Vessels - Intricate blown soft-glass vessel techniques developed by Tink over the past several years are demonstrated, discussed and practiced. We look at all aspects of the form: heat control, "reading" the glass, handles, glass stoppers and other adornments. Some Flameworking experience is desirable.

Intermediate Blown Vessels – Take your blown vessels to the next level! This class is for those familiar with Tink’s on-mandrel blown vessel techniques who would like to incorporate more complex embellishments and design elements into their works. Picks up where Miniature Blown Vessels leaves off. Covered are fancy lip wraps, fancy stoppers, alternate handle techniques, new body shapes, adding feet and much, much more! This class is a perfect follow-up to Beginning Blown Vessels, and can be taken the day AFTER that class. When offering both of these classes at a venue, we offer them on concurrent days, in order, for just this reason!

Tink's Tips and Tricks - This class is always great fun! It's a collection of things you'd like to learn, but that don't warrant a class in and of themselves. Quite often the class takes its own direction, depending on the students' desires. Topics can include: glass compatibility stringer tests, Venetian glass pen techniques, hollow beads, blown ornaments, implosion pendants, using PMC on glass, blowing/using shards and making your own signature cane. It's structured playtime at its best. Students are encouraged to connect with Tink well in advance of the class to discuss topics of interest to them. This allows her to bring any special tools or supplies that might be needed. No two class sessions will be the same! Some Flameworking experience is desirable.

Electroforming - Students will bring their own beads, vessels or other items to use in this workshop, which will consist of a thorough discussion of the process, how it works, how to achieve the desired effects, multiple metals (silver over copper, etc.), working with organic components (leaves, twigs, etc.), common problems and more. Students will see demos of all processes involved and will receive one-on-one, hands on assistance.



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