This is my family...

First and foremost, we have Prairieson. AKA John Paul Cramer. We met when I was in first grade and he was in second. Even then, he was the tallest boy in the room. Which made it very easy to impress me, always the shortest girl in the room. We've been such good friends for the past 40+ years, and it just keeps getting better! He is an artist (hot glass and more), geek (computers), musician, gourmet chef, house cleaner, grocery shopper, laundry do-er and gardener extraordinaire! He loves and cares for me without smothering me, treats me like a Princess and loves me with all his heart. How lucky am I?????



Next up is my kitty gang. All three were rescues. Boo and Daffney, brothers, came first. That's Boo on the far left (named by Cosmo), and Daffney is on the far right. Then a couple of years later, Whitman came into our lives. That's him in the center photo :-) He was born the same week as our pup Macy. They're all so terriffic... We couldn't ask for better kitties!


This is our girl Macy: Half Irish Wolfhound, half Princess. She is the best girl in the whole world! She makes (and gets) jokes, is incredibly well-behaved, sleeps with us whenever possible, expects a spritz of Hypnotic Poison after her bath, loves all the other critters in the family and does whatever Cosmo tells her to. She also collects neckerchiefs: She has quite a collection, the current favorite being a tossup between the one with hearts all over it and the black one with flames :-)


Quimby and Cosmo

I used to breed cockatoos. I have since decided that it is a bad thing. Don't get me started. LOL! I have written for the Pet Bird Report and am quoted and referenced in Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot by Mattie Sue Athan.

Quimby is the light of my life. He was my first cockatoo, and no one could ever take his place. He was born in California over a quarter of a century ago, and has lived with me for almost 20 years. Here's a very old photo of him, and if you click it, you can hear him say Hello.


Cosmo, the Wonder Bird is... well... Having him around is indescribable. I raised him from an egg that his mom and dad (Hoodini and Amelia) were kind enough to give me. He's always been a nonstop talker. Not only that, he's a smart alec. He loves techno dance music and Elvis: He dances differently to every style of music we play for him. Show tunes kind of freak him out when they stop singing and start talking right in the middle of the song. Cosmo pretty much has the world's worst singing voice, but don't tell him. He is 13 years old, and can expect to live a lot longer than I will. He loves having his picture taken, and holds very still until he hears the "ok, the picture is taken" sound from the camera. I don't really do shows (ewwww) but I did do a local art fair in the historic district where I live. Cosmo was the perfect pitchman and sales assistant. These photos were taken that day.



If you'd like to read a bit about me, here are the pages of an article about my work that appears in The Bead Release about my work


Page One                 Page Two


In a previous life, I was a teddy bear artist and designer. I worked with Disney and other entities over the years, but primarily did one of a kind collectible miniatures. The bear shown below is the last bear I ever made, just a couple of years ago. In the center is the cover of my book, which is now out of print. The thumbnail links to a page about the book with ordering info.



...and this is me, in various incarnations. Don't get too worked up about the poofy hair shot: My publisher insisted on having a photo of me in the book, with very short notice, so I went to Glamour Shots. Rest assured, it looks NOTHING like me. I just think it's funny. There's also a photo of me blowing glass, and one of me wearing the official Wonka hat at the Art Glass Invitational last summer, where I did a couple of demos. There's a pretty cool photo of  Tink's Lair (my studio), too. Oh, and that other photo shows me getting my chest tattooed.